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Comparison between Java8 and Gura

I’ve learned that Java 8, Java’s new version, has come with features like filter() and map() methods that can handle collections more effectively. I tried writing Gura code equivalent to some Java programs with these functions to see how simple the Gura code can be than Java’s ones.

Case 1

Assume that Student is a class that has methods named getGradYear() and getScore(), which return a graduation year and an exam score respectively.

As for the program to get the maximum score of students, a list of instances of Student, who graduate in the year 2012, codes of Java and Gura come as following.


students.filter((Students s) -> s.getGradYear() == 2012)
 .map((Students s) -> s.getScore())


students.filter(students:*getGradYear() == 2012):*getScore().max()

Case 2

Assume that Star is a class that has member variable named distance.

When you use reduce() method to implement a code to get maximum distance from stars, a list of instances of Star, the codes are as following.

Java -> p.distance).reduce(0, (x, y) -> x > y ? x : y);


stars:*distance.reduce(0) {|x, y| cond(x > y, x, y)}

Using max() method, the above codes become as following.

Java -> p.distance).max().orElse(0);


stars:*distance.max() || 0

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