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41png Module

The png module provides measures to read/write image data in PNG format. To utilize it, import the png module using import function.

Below is an example to read a PNG file:

img = image('foo.png')

41.1Exntension to Function's Capability

This module extends the capability of function image() and instance method image#write() so that they can read/write PNG files.

When function image() is provided with a stream that satisfies the following conditions, it would recognize the stream as a PNG file.

When instance method image#write() is provided with a stream that satisfies the following condition, it would write image data in PNG format.

41.2Module Function

41.3Extension to image Class

This module extends the image class with methods described here.

Reads a PNG image from a stream.

Writes a PNG image to a stream.


This module uses libpng library which is distributed in the following site:

Copyright (C) 2011-2017 ypsitau