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42ppm Module

The ppm module provides measures to read/write image data in PPM format. To utilize it, import the ppm module using import function.

Below is an example to read a PPM file:

img = image('foo.ppm')

42.1Exntension to Function's Capability

This module extends the capability of function image() and instance method image#write() so that they can read/write PPM files.

When function image() is provided with a stream that satisfies the following conditions, it would recognize the stream as a PPM file.

When instance method image#write() is provided with a stream that satisfies the following condition, it would write image data in PPM format.

42.2Extension to image Class

This module extends the image class with methods described here.

Reads a PPM/PGM image from a stream.

Writes a PPM/PGM image to a stream.

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