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2015-01-07 Gura v0.6.1 was released.
2014-11-20 Stopped providing Gura v0.6.0 due to a bug that Gura Shot, one of its applications, doesn't work well with it.
2014-11-03 Gura v0.6.0 was released.
2014-08-26 I've began using Twitter account @ypsitau. Feel free to contact me when you have any questions and opinions about Gura. Japanese and English are avaiable.
2014-08-25 I made a presentation about Gura at LL Diver, a conference concerning light-weight language, on Aug 23rd in Tokyo. Presentation material is available here. Thank you for attending the presentation.
2014-08-25 8 月 23 日にお台場日本未来科学館で行われた軽量プログラミング言語カンファレンス LL Diver にて Gura のプレゼンテーションを行いました。発表資料は こちら。 参加者のみなさん、ありがとうございました。
2014-07-10 Gura v0.5.2 was released.

What's This?

Gura is an iterator-oriented programming language that focuses on iterators with improved functions for calculation and data processing. It gives you a new possibility to write more elegant codes than ever, but with a familiar appearance.

Take a look at a simple example. The following code prints content of a text file along with line numbers.

printf('%d %s', 1.., readlines('foo.txt'))

Apparently, there seems to be no special trick with this program. But a new feature called Implicit Mapping is working internally, which automatically repeats evaluation of printf function after it's given with iterators, 1.. and readlines('foo.txt'), as its arguments.

Summary of Features


Any opinions and suggestions are welcome via @ypsitau or Japanese and English are avaiable.

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