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A programming language that comes with powerful operation on iterators.

What's This?

Gura is an iterator-oriented programming language that focuses on iterators with improved functions for calculation and data processing.

The most poweful feature called Implicit Mapping enables you write a code of repetition without repeat control sequence. The code below is an example to read a text file and prints it with line numbers:

printf('%d %s', 1.., readlines('foo.txt'))

Many of the built-in functions such as printf are implemted with Implicit Mapping attribute and automatically repeat its evaluation when given with iterators or lists as their arguments, like 1.. and readlines('foo.txt') in the above.

Below is a code to do the same thing using a control sequence instead of Implicit Mapping:

i = 1
for (line in readlines('foo.txt')) {
    printf('%d %s', i, line)
    i += 1
Latest News
The web site was renewed.
Gura v0.7.0 was released.
Documents in PDF format were published.
Gura v0.6.2 was released.
Gura Library Reference was published.
Gura v0.6.1 was released.
  • It provides a variety of iterator operations including mapping process such as Implicit Mapping and Member Mapping.
  • It supports object oriented programming with class and instance mechanism.
  • It’s being shipped with various modules including powerful GUI toolkits that enable you to develop practical applications. The site introduces you some applications that makes use of Gura.
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