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2014-07-10Gura v0.5.2 was released.
2014-06-20Gura v0.5.1 was released.
2014-06-19Gura v0.5.0 was released.
2014-02-25Gura v0.4.2 was released.
2014-02-14Gura v0.4.1 was released.
2014-02-06Gura v0.4.0 was released.

What's This?

Gura is an iterator-oriented programming language that focuses on iterators with improved functions for calculation and data processing. It gives you a new possibility to write more elegant codes than ever, but with a familiar appearance.

Take a look at a simple example. The following code prints content of a text file along with line numbers.

printf('%d %s', 1.., readlines('foo.txt'))

Apparently, there seems to be no special trick with this program. But a new feature called Implicit Mapping is working internally, which automatically repeats evaluation of printf function after it's given with iterators, 1.. and readlines('foo.txt'), as its arguments.

Summary of Features



I've decided to publish documents in English that I'm currently writing, which is far from complete and being updated day by day. I hope the publication will inspire me to carry on this tough work :-)

Gura Language Manual

Chapter 1. Launch Program
Chapter 2. Syntax
Chapter 3. Data Type
Chapter 4. Operator
Chapter 5. Environment
Chapter 6. Interpreter
Chapter 7. Function
Chapter 8. Flow Control
Chapter 9. Object Oriented Programming
Chapter 10. Mapping Process
Chapter 11. Module
Chapter 12. String and Binary
Chapter 13. Iterator/List Operation
Chapter 14. File Operation
Chapter 15. Network Operation
Chapter 16. Image Operation
Chapter 17. Graphical User Interface
Chapter 18. Mathematic Functions
Chapter 19. Template Engine


pdf-icon Gura Language Manual (Japanese)
pdf-icon Gura Library Reference (Japanese)
pdf-icon Gura Developer's Manual (Japanese)


Comparison between Java 8 and Gura
Script to Generate Prime Numbers
Database Access

Sample Code

Sample codes of Gura are stored in Repository.


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