Latest Version

  • Performance has been improved. It’s twice as fast as v0.6.2.
  • Uses Visual Studio 2015 to build for Windows.
  • Can be built with GCC 5.
  • Supports Ubuntu 16.04.
  • Enhanced opengl module so that it supports APIs of OpenGL 1.2 or later.
  • Implemented array class that provides features for matrix calculations.
  • Mathematical functions such as math.sin() and math.log() can be expanded so they can take various types of value in their arguments.
  • Implemented vertex class that represents 2-D or 3-D coord data.
  • Implemented model.stl module that provides measures to read/write files in STL format for 3D models.
  • Implemented model.obj module that provides measures to read/write files in OBJ format for 3D models.
  • Implemented doxygen module that parses Doxygen documents.
  • Implemented fftw module that applies fourier transform on array data.
Windows Installer gura-0.7.0-win32.msi
Windows Binary
Mac OS X Disk Image gura-0.7.0.dmg
Sorce Package gura-0.7.0-src.tar.gz

Previous Version

  • Enhanced features to provide help documents of each function.
    • Added much of help document.
    • You can use ~ operator to print a function help in the interactive mode: eg) ~println
    • As the help documents are written in Markdown, they can also be converted to HTML and TeX. Actually, the Gura Library Reference ( has been created from documents implemented in the interpreter.
  • Enhanced markdown module:
    • It can now parse a “table” format in which columns and rows are separated with vertical bars and hyphens.
    • Implemented parser of fenced code blocks.
  • Modified import function so that it can take a variable as its argument like import(&foo) where foo is a variable that has been assigned with a module name as a string.
  • Modified naming convention of methods for image class: eg) image#jpegread -> image#read@jpeg
  • Reimplemented methods in re module.
  • Implemented diff module that extracts differences between two documents.
  • Implemented string#embed() method that embeds Gura script in a string.
  • Implemented u and U escape sequence in a string that represents a unicode point coded in UTF-16 and UTF-32 respectively.
  • Implemented method string#replaces() that accepts multiple match-substitution pairs.
  • Implemented methods string#isalnum(), string#isalpha(), string#isdigit() and string#isspace().
  • Places site-specific modules in module/site directory.
Windows Installer gura-0.6.2-win32.msi
Windows Binary
Mac OS X Disk Image gura-0.6.2.dmg
Sorce Package gura-0.6.2-src.tar.gz



It has been confirmed that Gura runs on the following versions of Windows:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10

Launch the installer gura-0.7.0-win32.msi and follow the steps below:

Step. 1
Click [Next] to go to the next page.
Step. 2
Click [Next] to go to the next page. You can also modify the destinaton folder where Gura's executable and other necessary files are to be installed by clicking [Change...].
Step. 3
Click [Install] to do the installation. When you see a confirmation dialog that asks if you're sure to modify the system, click [Yes] in it.
Step. 4
Click [Finish] to finish the process.

The installer will set up all the necessary files as well as edit the registry to assign file extensions .gura, .guraw, .gurc and .gurcw as executable ones.

If you don’t want to modify registries, you can just expand ZIP file in some directory and edit PATH environment so that it includes gura\bin-x86 directory in the expanded content.

Mac OS X

It has been confirmed that Gura runs on the following versions of Mac OS X.

  • OS X 10.9 Mavericks

Open the disk image gura-0.7.0.dmg and drag icon to Applications folder.

You can’t use Launchpad to run as it’ll be blocked by Gatekeeper. This is because Gura hasn’t been shipped with an Apple Developer ID so far. Instead, browse the application in Finder and do “Open” in right-click menu.

Launching will open a Terminal with Gura command prompt in which you can evaluate Gura scripts interactively. Call setup() function in the prompt to create a symbolic link /usr/bin/gura that allows you to execute the interpreter in any direcrtories.

Gura x.x.x [clang v.x.x, xxx xx xxxx] Copyright (C) 2011-xxxx ypsitau
Execute function setup() to create a symbolic link /usr/bin/gura.
>>> setup()
Symbolic link /usr/bin/gura was created.


It has been confirmed that Gura can run on the following distributions of Linux.

  • Ubuntu 13.10
  • Ubuntu 14.04
  • Ubuntu 16.04
  • Fedora 20 (wx modules doesn’t work well)

In default configuration, Ubuntu and Fedora do not include C++ compilers, cmake utility and readline library. Install them as below before building Gura.

For Ubuntu:

$ sudo apt-get install build-essential cmake libreadline-dev rpm

For Fedora:

# yum install gcc gcc-c++ make cmake readline-devel

Download a source package gura-0.7.0-src.tar.gz. Then, follow the steps below to build Gura executables and modules.

$ tar xvfz gura-0.7.0.tar.gz
$ cd gura-0.7.0
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ ../configure
$ make
$ sudo ./setup-guest
$ ./build-modules

After that, follow the steps below to install them to the system.

$ sudo make install
$ sudo ldconfig     # necessary only for the first install